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Group Programs

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Live Programs

Immaculate Conception

Winter Solstice Session -
More coming info soon!

December 21, 2023

 The last weeks of the year provide an atmosphere of completion to leave old patterns behind. Presence yourself with the profound teachings of Eternal Christ and rest in the potent silence of the winter solstice to reset your systems at will. History was made to be left behind composting into rich soil to grow from. It is time to walk forward to the new beginning free and with upgraded resonance.


Perceiving the Unseen

The art of receiving Divine Instructions and acting upon them

 December 3 - 13, 2023 

 This four- session deep-dive will be rich dripping with revelational keys - an atmosphere of clearing, restoration, and pruning of the inner communication field to guide you forth and walk in greater intimacy with Living Truth.


There will be profound transmissions on this one as the call for clarity is high! Be led by the Spirit and actualize that which has been seeded in the Heart of Hearts within.


Frequency Bath

Monthly Session
for Deep Restoration & Integration

Next Bath: January, 202

 Take a yummy frequency bath that sustains you long after the session, and seeps into your life as an inner resource. This loving frequency restoration focuses only on encouraging, gentle, integrative, and uplifting frequencies. It provides a space in your life where you are not judged, analyzed, or pushed. You are loved, accepted, and acknowledged.

Recorded Immersions
Pre-Recorded Programs
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Family Grid Restoration.png

Family Grid Restoration

Reestablish, clear, and empower the relational ground of your blood-family and soul-family. 
Four-session Immersion

A strong and established family grid is one of the most important keys to bringing forth the Truth, Purpose, and Gifts inside of you. 


In these times we live, some families are being pulled apart, while others are being brought closer together. These times highlight the importance of a strong family unit, both spiritual and physical, that supports each individual to fulfill their eternal purpose. We cannot continue to carry the wounds or the deceptions of the old. 

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Quantum Architecture of Life

 Understand Multidimensional Structure of Life and the Way of Truth

Three-Session Intensive

This intensive will be packed with information and direct experience of our multidimensional nature and the frequency-level structure of our universe. This is for those of us who are authentically thirsty to know more about the mysteries and the intricacy of the inner cosmos. It explains what the architecture of transcendence looks like, where you are in it, and the Way of Yeshua beyond the 'separate self' and the world of time.The knowledge that we cover in this program helps you to know what is on offer and what awakening can be when we go beyond the current ceiling of mental ideas.


Spirit Mission Embodiment Series

Part 1: East & West Winds
Part 2: North & South Winds

12-week immersion

 In this series, I will share deep frequency mechanics, practices, and real-time transmissions to support embodied revelations of the following topics:  Embodying your Spirit Mission, perceiving your unique instructions clearly, navigating the transition from personal resources to Eternal resources, hitting the mark with accuracy, moving beyond the dry season, preparing for the biggest wealth transfer in history, harnessing true courage, prosperity frequency, and direction, receiving the four winds of the higher ground to have your back, and more.

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Attune to Truth

Daily Frequency Adjustment
w/ Sanni & Michael


Join us to start your day with a 20-minute Frequency Meditation that aligns your mind, body, and spirit to resonate with the frequencies of Eternal Truth. It is not enough to just envision beneficial changes in your life but to begin to embody the shifts in every dimension of your being.

When you start your day in connection and coherence with God-Source, you begin to receive your thoughts, words, actions, work, health, and relationships from the plane of higher solutions. 


Re-Member Your Future

From time-bound soul to Spirit Identity
Six-week Frequency Immersion

 End the bottomless loop of "self-transformation" and "shadow work" and go right to the point. Accelerate your inner gifts, abilities, and thrive by shifting your core-level identity from a limited soul to the Spirit elevating your life beyond what you have seen so far.


Forge your future by sourcing from the Eternal and receive keys to the next chapter of your Life Service. 


Graceful Relocation

Six-week Frequency Immersion

 Leave the spiritual, mental, and emotional battlefield (spiritual warfare) manifesting in your physical reality and actualize your life from the higher ground of Peace. Receive deep teachings about the space-time locations to access supernatural fulfillment, trust, and thrive that serves the Eternal Purpose. Reposition yourself in confidence and resources greater than your mind.


Woman's Living Design

Six-week Immersion: Bio-spiritual renewal of the inner seasons, hormonal cycle, and our God-given rhythmic nature

Dive deeper into your inner frequency design, bio-spiritual essence, and purpose as a woman. Discover empowerment in your organic rhythmic nature through the frequency-level renewal of the inner seasons the the clearing of the distortions. Establish stability to govern over the fluctuations of the cycle from the place of surrender AND authority. This is for ALL women regardless of where you're at with your biological journey (incl. pre- and post- menopause)


The True Power of Forgiveness

Three- Session Frequency Immersion

The clear frequency of forgiveness has been widely misunderstood and underestimated... what it REALLY is will blow your mind! Reveal the true power and purpose of forgiveness that can become the most powerful ally in your transformation

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