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Perceiving the Unseen

The art of receiving Divine Instructions and acting upon them

Pre-recorded to go at your own pace

This deep-dive will be rich dripping with revelational keys - an atmosphere of clearing, restoration, and pruning of the inner communication field to guide you forth and walk in greater intimacy with Living Truth. The call for clarity is high and the eternal resources will stream in to match it! Be led by the Spirit and actualize that which has been seeded in the Heart of Hearts within.

We are living a groundbreaking time, the Age of Revelation, when a lot of hidden mysteries are being revealed. While the intensity in the seen world on the outside is increasing in many ways the world of the Spirit within is opening up to us like never before -  As Christ demonstrates to us: the Kingdom of God is within. It is the world of the Spirit that shapes the seen physical reality - not the other way around!


This time is the time of returning to the Great Intimacy with God, Inclusiveness, Love, true Abundance and Peace, beyond the institutionalized control system of religion. When we live in this intimacy, it cancels out all separation and distance between us and the Most High Truth unifying us with the Original Blueprint in the here and now. 


Many of us get caught up in the influence and "noise" of the fallen nature, the separate self: 

  • “I don’t trust myself”

  • “I would take action if I only knew WHAT to do!”

  • Uncertainty: not sure if the “Heart’s Voice” is right or if you perceived it right

  • Discernment : What is pure and what is distorted? What is from God and what is not?

  • Overthinking & Overtrying : Indecisiveness, doubting, lack of clarity or overwhelm 

  • Trust issues, fear of losing control or becoming disappointed

  • Separation from God: praying to God somewhere outside yourself

  • Difficulty to follow through when the inner guidance speaks

  • Not having enough

  • Time distortions: procrastinating or going ahead of the ripe time

  • Vulnerability to distractions that pull you out of Presence or clear path 


In this program, we will dive deeper into the art of perceiving divine instructions - Seeing in the Spirit, hearing in the Spirit, smelling in the Spirit, tasting in the Spirit, knowing in the Spirit, and true feeling in the Spirit. We will expose hidden distortions and blind spots around receiving divine guidance and clear out that which is hijacking the communication field.


We also need to understand some deeper dimensions of space-time locations within, shifting the inner resonance with authority, and knowing how to translate the higher frequency language into our lives. This is a renewal of the mind around limiting beliefs - an upgrade, refinement, clear-up, and activation for many.


We must dare to perceive - the Age of Transparency leaves nothing hidden. Telepathic heart to heart, spirit to spirit, communication is the higher form of communing with each other. Prophetic gift of perceiving the unseen belongs to everyone AND it is asking us to be fully seen - to stand in the full stature of Light exposed and open. As Yeshua teaches, this is asking for the renewal of the mind and restoration of the heart. The time of hiding is coming to an end. 


The second layer is to take action on the divine instructions - this is the true meaning of obedience. Many of us shy away due to “not being sure”, get sucked into a doubt cloud of “what ifs”, procrastinate on the action, or hold back due to fear of change or lack. The other side of the coin is to not know how to be led and going ahead of the ripe time. Anything unknown and uncertain is uncomfortable to the mind - that’s why we need to learn to take action from and with our Spirit, the multidimensional Heart, that is immersed in the mysteries of God. The instrument must become attuned, a yielded vessel. 

For this, we must have ears to hear and eyes to see:

“But blessed are your eyes, because they see; and your ears, because they hear. I tell you the truth, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see, but they didn't see it. And they longed to hear what you hear, but they didn't hear it.” (Matthew 13:13-17) 


Let’s take our ears and eyes back, wake them up from the slumber and begin to perceive what was previously hidden!

Program includes

  • Four pre-recorded 90-minute Group Sessions 

  • Lifetime access to the recordings

  • Upgraded facilitation to actualize the inner changes in the physical plane and lifestyle

  • Accelerated and precise container to support your process 

The bio-spiritual renewal itself happens beyond the concepts of linear space and time and you will receive the benefits when you do the recordings.

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Gold.Lotus.Sanni (1).png


The program content will be available via Etenal Present Podia page, which is an online platform for courses. After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email from Eternal Present with instructions to create personal login info unless you already have it from the previous frequency immersions. If you do not find the email, please check promotions/junk mail and contact sanni@eternal-present if you have any trouble.
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How Does It Work?

You can read more about Bio-Spiritual Renewal and Frequency Repatterning here.


 Sanni operates in God-given gifts of prophetic seeing, root-level healing, and next-level teachings for those who are ready to go all in. She guides you to release repeating distorting patterns from your DNA, mind, and soul to calibrate your physical reality, relationships, work, and health into the most coherent expression. She is known as an inspirational speaker and change-maker who leads by example, supports you to walk in greater intimacy with the Living Truth, blows purpose in your sails, and catalyzes the pure potential in you. 

This renewal doesn’t only benefit you but every single person you interact with as well as the collective awakening of humankind.

Questions? Contact us at 

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