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Graceful Relocation
Six-week Frequency Immersion

Six recorded group sessions and a live private session Via Zoom
*Go at your own pace*
Leave the spiritual, mental, and emotional battlefield manifesting in your physical reality and actualize your life from the higher ground of Peace. Receive deep teachings about the space-time locations to access supernatural fulfillment, trust, and thrive that serves the Eternal Purpose. Reposition yourself in grounded  confidence and resources greater than your mind.

This program comes in much-needed time for many. We live in times of transparency where a lot of unspoken internalized challenges are being brought up to be seen. When an initial awakening or multiple gradual awakenings happen most people find themselves on a battlefield, or rather, become aware of the battle that has been going on within mind, heart, body, and soul manifesting in their physical life - work, health, relationships, wellbeing, family life, etc.


This program demystifies, guides, and deeply supports you in repositioning yourself in these three main areas:


  1. What spiritual warfare is and why you've been unwillingly on the battlefield on mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual planes. See below what this looks like in daily life … it may surprise you how many are experiencing this in one or the other way in our current world! In this program, you will gracefully relocate yourself into a reality where the battle has already been defeated, where the true Peace resides. This is not about "getting rid of" or "fixing" distortions but simply leaving the limited reality and soil where they existed and finding yourself on a higher ground of possibilities.

  2. Locations in space-time. This is deep teaching for those who have ears to hear. Freedom is a location. Purpose is a location. Prosperity is a location. Peace is a location. True happiness is a location. Your gifts and successful work are a location. The place where impossible prayers are answered is a location in space-time. My mission is to help you to discover the location and presence where you know your beneficial place on Earth, access the eternal resources, fulfill your mission, and contribute to healthier living on earth. 

  3. How to continue to stand, not fight, but stand in deep presence and eternal victory actualizing Peace in your life AND taking action from it. 


If you are wondering, here are some examples of what it looks like to be on the battlefield: 

  • You meditate to keep your mind and nervous system calm and clear yet it does not remain when you come out of meditation and go about your day. 

  • Occasional or continuous heavy doubtful thoughts, confusion, or fears that seem to override your courage or limit your options. They usually come at the worst time or when you feel the weakest. 

  • You have hit the ceiling of your current work (motivational or physical) and/or your resources are being drained out for one or the other reason. 

  • To gain victory (success) you need to continue fighting, pour from your personal resources, and even tolerate the cyclical crashes to touch the bottom. 

  • Emotional swings of highs and lows, and times where just “positive thinking” is not enough to override the doubt.

  • When you are about to succeed something always happens to change the situation - it seems like something is trying to prevent you from living in your power and/or sabotage your work to reach the right people. 

  • Your vision is blurred, limited, or continues to remain as a vision and won’t ground in your physical reality.

  • You work with spiritual guides or healing practices but the support does not actualize in your physical life. 

  • Exhausting your energy by giving and not receiving in return. 

  • Nightmares and either fighting evil or running away from it in your dreams. 

  • “I have no other option but…” - deep mental manipulation of what is possible and what is not.

  • Spiritual endurance is wearing out: “I have been working with this for a long time, invested a lot of money, etc. and it still has not changed.”

  • You do healing work and instead of the situation improving it goes worse. 

  • Chasing the good and pure, and running away from the bad and distorted. 


For many, the internal battle is challenging to end because:

  • The dynamics of it have been going on for a long time in a linear and cellular sense (and in the DNA) - even before the Earth existed. 

  • The moments of victory on the battlefield provide just enough temporary truths, success, light, ecstatic experiences, and excitement that keep you on it.

  • There are other "forces" in play than just your personal free will. These forces seem powerful yet in reality they are deception - empty with no power of their own. They have been weaved into the modern society: for example, growing up into a belief that being an entrepreneur is hard. When you build your business from this belief it equals to building your business on the battlefield.


The Good News is, there is a Way out, or rather a Way in that it is available to anyone. Many people try to ascend from the distorted realities by FLYING to higher spaces (for example, out-of-body experiences, psychedelic journeys, etc.) but without planting their feet on the Holy Grounds. This is why people can imagine a bright future and spend a lot of time and energy to manifest it but don’t see direct results in the physical reality. There is a Higher Ground that exists, a ground of embodied revelation. A human was designed to WALK also in the Spirit realm. We must walk the talk. I tell you, what you have been praying for and working with for 20 years in your life can be resolved at the Higher Grounds in half a second. It is time to deeply understand what it means to walk in the Spirit this way without abandoning your body for something else to come and fill it. 


Do not let it be okay to only swim barely above water but come all the way to the surface, begin to fill your boat with good fruits beyond the limitations of mind until it overflows to be given out in greater volume to those in need.


I have recently had profound teachings on this topic from Eternal Christ and Living God. When I speak of Eternal Christ, I do not refer to any man-made principles or religiously limited image of God. I refer to the Eternal Home, True Source, Absolute Truth, and Living undistorted Light who comes to me in the form of Christ. This simply allows me to have an intimate personal relationship with Eternal, receive accurate instructions in the given moment, and bring through higher frequency solutions. 

Eternal does not care where you have been and what you have done - the good or the bad. The only thing that matters is the presence and whether your heart is willing to relocate into a higher reality that is ALREADY available to you so that you can show up for others. This is not to misjudge anyone's religion or religious trauma that many of us have responded from but a simple observation of how a lot of the religious and spiritual principles have become more like politics or empty products in our world that provide just enough truth to continue to believe in it but doesn’t actually bring forth healing. People in our world have been obsessed by labeling and defining things, and then fighting over who is right to a point that the true essence and revelation is lost in the world of description. 


The true presence of God cannot be faked. This work is available to you no matter which belief system or spiritual principle you identify with. When the true presence of the Eternal is here anyone ready will receive a blessing beyond their wildest dreams.


It has been brought to my awareness that a lot of the healing industry and religious agendas unintentionally promote warfare… certain shadow work, some services to cast out demons, fight against spiritual dark agendas and AI, not to leave out Hollywood movies, and social media manipulation, that all feed the same belief: the enemy is powerful and we need to fight for and continue to heal something that has already been healed and won. Now, dropping these ideas is NOT spiritually bypassing what is happening - quite the opposite once you have the revelation of it! History was meant to be left in the past and not recreated over and over again. When embodied, only this revelation can bring about true freedom in your life.


Now, there are a lot of hardcore spiritual warriors out there and it is a real thing. Some of us came here to help to guide others out of suffering. If you are one of them it is essential to understand the fullness of what you’re doing, otherwise the distortions and havoc will start to manifest in your physical life as obstacle after another or distorted “forces” trying to prevent you from sharing your work. 


You can operate in Spirit but still keep fighting willingly or unwillingly in your sleep, mind, and heart. When you relocate yourself to the higher grounds, the partly working tools of your old reality, such as manipulation masquerading behind “successful marketing technique“, are no longer valid. You will have a whole new repertoire of tools. On the higher ground, there is also a different kind of wind blowing. A wind that goes ahead of you and begins to clear the way for you. 


If someone is not resting in abundance and peace in their life, something in them is still on the battlefield. There is zero shame in it… we have all been there. This is about to change. If you are reading this, you’re already at the door or may have been there for a long time. Let's step through it together. The transparency of these times is too strong to leave your Eternal purpose in vain.  


In this program, I will share tools and pointings, so that if you receive an embodied revelation of them, you will never need another tool in your life to thrive.

Program Includes

Two 2-hour Group Frequency Sessions (Pre-recorded)

 Four 60-minute Group Frequency Sessions (Pre- recorded)

One 30-minute Private Session live via Zoom

Accelerated Mastermind or sphere to support your unfolding and embodiment 

Practical frequency level tools to embody the higher frequency reality

Session Content

All the sessions include a Frequency Meditation and may include also group sharing, moving, and journaling.

OPENING Session #1

Two hours 

  • Understanding the internal and external battle and mechanics of space-time locations on different levels

  • Locating your Self and where you have submitted to the limited reality 

  • Eternal Presence as a safe haven and Eternal Truth as a penetrating force

Session #2

One hour

  • Mind as a frequency generator of the past (cellular memory) and the future (ability to create)

  • Your walk in realities

  • Freedom from the tricks, strategies, devices, and strongholds of manipulative deceptions or distortions


Session #3 

Two hours

  • Transparency with your soul identity

  • Graceful relocation out of the battlefield and deeper discovery of the Higher Grounds in your life

  • From waste to efficiency

  • The intimacy of Eternal Presence that fills the empty spaces

Session #4 

One hour

  • What true protection and REST in your life is --> the frequency of "here" and "there" 

  • Radical Self-responsibility and Controlling your Light Field

Session #5 

One hour

  • Operating from the Higher Grounds - Eternal Stability

  • New available resources and actualizing them

  • "In the world but not of the world"


FINAL Session #6 

One hour

  • Ever-deepening relationship and creationship to Eternal

  • Receive unique instructions from this space to help others 

  • Sending you off as a new being for the end-of-year Holidays

 This work happens beyond the concepts of linear time and space, hence, you will receive the frequency benefits when you listen to the recording in your own time. 


After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email from Eternal Present with instructions to create personal login info for Podia unless you already have it from the previous frequency immersions. In Podia, you will access all the course content. If you do not find the email, please check promotions/junk mail and contact if you have any trouble.

How Does It Work?

You can learn more about Somatic Frequency Work here . Each session will include an in-depth exploration of the topic, a guided meditation while receiving frequency level guidance and calibration. There may be movement and journaling included. We will always work with what needs the attention the most at the time of the session both individually and as a group. You may remain seated throughout the session or choose to lay down, move or stand. 


Sanni has gifts to see where distorting patterns (collective, hereditary, or individual) are existing in your body, bioenergetic field, and timeline and helps you to clear it out of your system while generating empowering frequencies. Sanni provides Somatic Frequency Work and guidance throughout the sessions and creates a space to reflect on how these patterns show up in your life and how to generate calm confidence to create new pathways. We create a space to move away from searching for the solutions from the outside and go to the matter of fact within. Learn more about Sanni’s journey here.


When we work as a group we can generate more powerful frequencies and go much deeper. Greater refinement, clarity, and expansion are available to us each day and it wants to be embodied in our daily lives! This work doesn’t only benefit you but every single person you interact with as well as the collective awakening of humankind.

Questions? Send a message here.

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