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Spirit Mission Embodiment 
Powerful Pre-recorded Series:
Go at your own pace

Parts 1 and 2 

Frequency Immersion for Profound Embodiment, Leadership, Direction, Results, Courage, and Exponential Prosperity that serve the Eternal Purpose.

Part One: Ground Your Mission (East & West Winds)
The Art of Graceful Descension to Stabilize Ascension, Physical Embodiment, Direction, Unique Instructions, and Resources from Eternal

Part Two: Courageous & Prosperous (North & South Winds)

The Art of Inscension, Courage, Grounded Success, and Exponential Expansion for Eternal Purpose

You can participate in one immersion only or both at a bundle rate.

This program is for individuals who go to high spaces in the Spirit and desire to EMBODY and GROUND the higher frequency reality, solutions, visions, and missions on Earth. This is for those that are upgrading and refining their work, shaping their direction and increasing intimacy with Eternal God beyond man-made dogma, deepening their role serving the Eternal Purpose, and in the process of aligning the service to reach more individuals. This is a call for those that carry the Holy Fire and Living Waters in their hearts. 


"In this series, I will share deep frequency mechanics, practices, and real-time transmissions to support embodied revelations of the following topics:  Embodying your Spirit Mission, perceiving your unique instructions clearly, navigating the transition from personal resources to Eternal resources, hitting the mark with accuracy, moving beyond the dry season, preparing for the biggest wealth transfer in history, harnessing true courage, prosperity frequency, and direction, receiving the four winds of the higher ground to have your back, and more."

We live in times where frequency is the key to absolutely everything. In this age of transparency, if someone’s frequency is in contradiction with their words or outward expression, it’ll not only be unsuccessful but it’ll also begin to destroy them from within. It has never been more important to embody what we truly believe in and stand for! We must be the living testimony of what we are here to represent. 


In this series, we will dive deep into a four-directional and spherical frequency upgrade. What this means is that our work is not about ascension and expansion only. It is also about profound grounding (descension) and centering (incension). This is why we will be working with the “four eternal winds” blowing to your sails to cover all the corners of human potential. The word “wind” is a digestible way of speaking powerful frequency-level support that is available to each of us in the Spirit.


We will work deeply with the physical body and weave the Spirit Resources deeper into the embodiment to support your unique work and service on this planet. We will cover some deeper frequency mechanics and I will share deeply empowering frequency transmissions with those who are ready to receive some profound tools to work with.


Due to the massive transmission that I have been instructed to share during these first months of the year 2023, I have divided this series into two sections: Part One (East & West Winds) and Part Two (North and South Winds). You can choose to participate in only one of the immersions or both to receive the fullness of the transmission. There’s a bundle rate for those who do both.

Part One: East & West Winds

Ground Your Mission: The Art of Graceful Descension to Stabilize Ascension, Physical Embodiment, Direction, Unique Instructions, and Resources from Eternal


Immersion includes: 

  • Six Pre-recorded Group Frequency Sessions

  • 30-minute Private Session

  • 40-minute Rooted Elevation - Additional Frequency Bath for deep Integration and Restoration


Important keys that we will be working with in Part One:

Grounding the Higher Potential: 

Due to massive shifts happening in the frequency template of the human collective, many individuals, businesses, organizations, and projects with good intentions have been able to tap into high-frequency visions and solutions but struggle to ground them in this reality. Every single human knows how to generate frequencies - our minds ARE frequency generators. The embodiment piece is what has been causing hiccups. It is time to remember how to generate AND embody specific frequencies consciously and at will. This sets you up to receive revelations on how the frequency level healing and transfiguration happens. 


Knowing and Refining Your Spirit Mission: 

Eternal Christ says in the Gospel of Thomas: “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” 


This is both a prophecy and a statement that every single soul has a gift to bring into this world. If you do not fulfill your mission on Earth you will leave this place still searching - in vain or in lack. Many people understand life's purpose or mission as a daunting or overwhelming idea but I am here to bring the good news: it is the most natural thing already in you and it is bound to be successful. I am here to help you to bring it forth. 


What also comes with the referred teaching is this: take your Service seriously. You cannot be wealthy if you think through lack. You cannot manifest high visions in the physical if you are ungrounded. You cannot tap into prosperity, opportunities, and clarity available in Eternal Presence if you are not present. This is a call for change-makers of the New Earth -  the carriers of the rising power to penetrate through distorted systems behind mental illness, power abuse, drug addictions, body disconnection, spiritual bypassing, poverty, physical disease, manipulation, and racism.


Perceiving Your Unique Instructions Clearly: 

Many of us know that change is needed or already happening but don’t know what the next step is. To embody the higher frequencies we must see deeper through the layers and learn to hear the Voice of Truth over the noise of the world. Your unique instructions are essential. Where is God or Eternal Intelligence sending you to do your work? Where you are actually sent you will be 100% provided for. When you are in the right place within you, you will begin to receive support from beyond the veils… not only to meet your needs but to embody overflowing wisdom, insight, know-how, and prosperity. This is Eternal Living Intelligence backing you up for your mission. When your heart has turned away from rampant self-centered industry and toward truly serving the Eternal Purpose, you cannot fail. 


Humanity in Transition: From personal resources to Eternal Resources

Recently, many of us have been asked or "forced" to make changes that shake our entire life, foundation, and structures. Walking forward in this world requires a massive amount of courage and inner resources. We can no longer pour from and solely rely on our personal resources - we will exhaust ourselves and end up drained out. It is time to tap into Eternal Resources that are becoming more and more available to humans and start sourcing from the Higher Ground. Many of us are no longer called to be present only for peace of mind. We are called to be truly present to get things done with greater efficiency and actualize Heaven on Earth. 


Being on Point: Know your Direction and Hit the mark with accuracy 

Even though the polarity in this world is growing in many ways, the line between clear and distorted is simultaneously becoming more subtle as the collective human consciousness is accessing higher frequencies. For many, it is actually easier to miss the mark and falter when the duality is ceasing its hold in people’s minds. The higher the frequency, the more on point we ought to be, requiring sharp discernment and dedication to look Truth in the eye. The higher our branches reach the deeper and stronger our roots need to be

Brief summary of the frequency level focus on Part One: 

  • Your Spirit Mission - How do you serve the Eternal Purpose?

  • Grounding and physically embodying higher frequency (including your internal organs, nervous system, etc) → ability to release and hold

  • Perceiving unique instructions from Eternal → the Voice over the noise, insights, clear dreaming (the first time I'll be sharing about this!), etc.

  • Navigating the shift from limited resources to Eternal Resources

  • Clearing spirit-level parasites & what is eating your fruits behind your back

  • Releasing weight that holds you back from moving forward

  • Heart-mind as a frequency generator and decision maker

  • Accuracy & Leadership → from wishy-washy to being on-point

  • From indecisiveness and floating into having a rooted direction

NOTE! This work happens beyond the concepts of linear time and space, hence, you will receive the frequency benefits when you listen to the recording in your own time. 

Part Two: North & South Winds

Courageous & Prosperous: The Art of Inscension, Courage, Grounded Success, and Exponential Expansion for Eternal Purpose


Immersion includes: 

  • Six Pre-recorded Group Frequency Sessions

  • 30-minute Live Private Session

  • 40- minute Rooted Elevation - Additional Frequency Bath for deep Integration and Restoration 

Important keys that we will be working with in Part Two: 

Moving Beyond the Dry Season:

Many of us have been experiencing a dry season in work or relationships: clientele or old form of your work is dying out or you are growing out of it. When you walk forward despite fear and challenge you're showing that you’re not bound by the stories of your mind - this is where true results begin to show up. Not only a temporary fix but a profound and stable change that has no ceiling. When you live in physical lack but experience prosperity within you, you know you’re already walking on the higher ground and the prosperity will begin to manifest in your physical reality. It is simply the science of the Eternal God. The shift happens within and then becomes externalized. 

The Biggest Wealth Transfer in Human History...: upon us! In the next few years, large amounts of money will change hands. Money is traveling from abusive and self-centered hands to authentic, humble, and inclusive hands - the true leaders rising to meet the needs of the lost souls of this world. Powerful uncorrupted hearts are taking remarkable positions in our society. This is only the beginning. It is essential for you to be ready when new forms of resources and eternal support knock at your door! 

Sourcing Courage & Confidence from Eternal: 

We must call out distortions and have the courage to speak about them and bring forth solutions from the Higher Consciousness. It is time to stop hiding behind the passive thought that everyone eventually finds their own path. You have the Holy Fire within you that is here for a specific mission… the last thing you ought to do is to sugar-code it. This does not mean that you go about preaching what you think is right and judge everyone else. This is about knowing what has been placed within you to serve the Eternal Purpose and living it fully to contribute to the building of Heaven on Earth. When you fully submit your heart to genuine service all of your needs are met and beyond. Eternal provides overflowing abundance. 

Innerstanding Exponential Growth & Inscension: 

Many people chase prosperity for self-centered reasons consciously or unconsciously due to ancestral patterns in DNA. That kind of prosperity is never eternal and can only ever be temporary. There is so much more to it than thinking positively and rewriting your thoughts: There are deeper inner dimensions that begin to open and flourish as your frequency awareness grows. For example, your DNA, flesh, internal organs, bones, nervous system, endocrine & lymphatic systems, and physical heart are resonating at a certain frequency. Do you know them intimately? Can you shift them at will? Not leaving out the mycelium web of mental pathways and emotional or relational patterns some as old as time itself? This is exactly where we will be diving into in this accelerated immersion. It is all about your frequency and your ability to shift it at will. 

Connecting to Wider Grids & Winds of Higher Promotion:

As a human, you were created to be in relation to others and co-create. As you anchor to the higher frequency, you arrive in the same consciousness as those that are here to work with you. I have directly experienced and seen people meeting miraculously beneficial and surprising contacts in the most unexpected places after shifting their inner frequencies. You are part of the Wider Grid and it is time to choose which one you live in. This also opens the space for cleaner forms of promotion: You no longer need to manipulate or try to lure clients to buy your services. When you serve the Eternal you are also promoted by the Eternal because even one lost soul left behind is too many. 

Brief summary of the frequency level focus on Part Two: 

  • Moving beyond the stagnant or dry season in your service 

  • Expanding in presence to perceive solutions instead of traveling out of your center to reach results

  • Exponential growth

  • Preparing for the biggest wealth transfer in history 

  • Deeper frequencies of Eternal Prosperity 

  • True Courage & Direction 

  • Source confidence from the Eternal → deeper intimacy with Living God

  • Frequency revelation of Holy Fire & Living Water

  • Bearing much fruit → the Eternal Promise

  • Higher forms of promotion and a wider grid



*Please read*

After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email from Eternal Present with instructions to create personal login info for the Podia platform unless you already have it from the previous frequency immersions. All the course content can be accessed on the program Podia page. In the Welcome Letter, you will find all the details and tips on how to prepare you for this deep experience. If you do not find the confirmation email, please check promotions/junk mail and contact if you have any trouble.

*Please note that the bundle rate includes one Private Session*


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How Does It Work?

You can learn more about Somatic Frequency Work here. Each session will include an in-depth exploration of the topic, and a guided meditation while receiving frequency-level guidance and calibration. There may be movement and journaling included. We will always work with what needs the attention the most at the time of the session both individually and as a group. You may remain seated throughout the session or choose to lie down, move or stand. 


Sanni has gifts to see where distorting patterns (collective, hereditary, or individual) are existing in your body, bioenergetic field, and timeline and helps you to clear it out of your system while generating empowering frequencies. Sanni provides Somatic Frequency Work and guidance throughout the sessions and creates a space to reflect on how these patterns show up in your life and how to generate calm confidence to create new pathways. We create a space to move away from searching for solutions from the outside and go to the matter of fact within. Learn more about Sanni’s journey here.


When we work as a group we can generate more powerful frequencies and go much deeper. Greater refinement, clarity, and expansion are available to us each day and it wants to be embodied in our daily lives! This work doesn’t only benefit you but every single person you interact with as well as the collective awakening of humankind.

Questions? Send a message here.

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