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All the sessions are available via Zoom and in-person in Asheville

New to Bio-Spiritual Renewal & Frequency Repatterning?

Read more about it HERE. You may also learn more by listening to the Eternal Present Podcasts on the topic. 

Bio-Spiritual Renewal supports you to detach from unhealthy and disempowering patterns in any area of your life and actualize the prosperous multidimensional Spirit identity within.

***NOTE! All the session times for this year 2023 have been filled up. I will release new dates for the month of January in December and will send out a newsletter about it. Meanwhile, we have beautiful single-session and multi-session group programs coming up in December as well as pre-recorded golden gems that have been beneficial for many :) See more info here ***


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Deep dive into your specific intentions and/or what needs attention the most - also recommended as the first session

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Efficient and precise drop-in to address your intentions and/or read what needs attention the most 

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Join in with your Beloved and work directly with relational intentions

Interested in getting weekly or bi-weekly sessions with Sanni?
Send an inquiry here.

Each session contains these three aspects:

1. Centering in Eternal Presence and reading the bioenergetic body and frequency patterns that are running in your life or a deeper reading on your personal intentions if you have any.

2. Addressing distorting patterns, soul fragmentations, and hidden places of captivity catalyzing deep multidimensional inner healing (individual, ancestral, collective, physical, emotional, mental, and energetic)

3. Rewriting the patterns and supporting you to walk forward with renewed sense of clarity on the topic through direct instructions to actualize and maintain the empowering shift in your life. 

What to expect?

The sessions will be both a reading and a guided frequency meditation while receiving frequency level transfiguration. You may remain seated throughout the sessions or choose to lie down, move, or stand. Your intentions guide the session and we will address all the aspects that need attention at the time. The session guides you to move away from searching for solutions from the outside and go to the matter of fact within.

Sanni carries God-given gifts to help you walk in greater intimacy with Living Truth, shift the frequencies you resonate and clear any distorting patterns from your system and the family lineage. Sanni creates a safe and efficient container and guides you to embody true fulfillment, freedom, safety, happiness, and abundance in life for the sake of the Whole. Read more about Sanni's gifts here. 

***Potential Detox, After Session Care, and Disclaimer***

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy


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