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Engaging Heaven on Earth 
In-person Retreat with Michael & Sanni at the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina

June 1 - 6, 2024

Max 14 participants
This is a dream come true for many of us! We are calling you to gather with us to share in spirit-filled fellowship and engage Heaven on Earth. This in-person retreat is for the Christ-loving individuals who desire to actualize the new prototype of a human that Yeshua represents within us. Join us to realize a greater degree of New Creation DNA and abidance in our true Home - the Divine Home that you have been looking to experience on Earth perhaps your whole life. 

We are children of Truth who were created to walk in Freedom and Love for the sake of the Whole. This retreat promises joyful togetherness, deep multidimensional healing, restoration, attunement, empowerment, and activation, abiding in peace and grounding into the reality of fulfillment. 


As Christ demonstrates to us: the Kingdom of God is within. It is our purpose to actualize it by partnering up with it in all ways, and by becoming the yielded vessel and instrument of Grace. Free access to true abundance of life and eternal resources have been seeded within us and it is time to walk through that door. 


This is the time of returning to Great Intimacy with God, Union, Love, Joy, BioSpiritual Health, Abundance and Peace, beyond the institutionalized control system of religion. When we live in this intimacy, it cancels out all illusion of separation and distance between us and the Most High Truth unifying us with the Original Christed Blueprint in the here and now. 


We are moving from the karmic system to the system of Grace, from conditional to unconditional, from withholding to generosity, from captivity to true freedom. Our hearts and minds are being renewed to stand in the full stature of Light uninhibited. Cellular transfiguration and the medicine of frequency are becoming a new normal. Our prayers are being answered because we have received the Way to speak them into the quantum field. This is an ascension path that lifts the whole ground of reality to a higher resonance and manifestation.


As our multidimensional DNA is restored to the original image and likeness of Eternal God, the true potential of a human is embodied. This is what Yeshua came to reveal within us redeeming our inner architecture from the fallen nature and separation of the self-centered world. Through this renewal we embody our destiny as children of Yahweh to co-create, govern and restore creation in the power of Love.


We are moving from the reality of the illusory separate self to the reality of the Risen Christed Nature - unified in God. We are the active participants in the Dance of the Holy Trinity within and around us. Let’s gather together to see the face of God in each other and walk the talk of Love Culture that exists in our hearts.


Walk out of this experience renewed, with greater clarity and confidence, filled with Love and empowered to share the goodness with the world as it uniquely flows through you. 

We will have five timeless days together (½-day on arrival and four full days). The whole retreat will be led by the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit within, according to what is highlighted each day. 


We will experience: 

  • Daily Christ-centered teachings, prayers, frequency meditations and activations

  • Engaging union and the true gospel of Jesus Christ

  • Nature experiences in the waterfall haven and the majestic Blue Ridge mountains

  • Inner inquiries & shares with others

  • Multidimensional hands on healing & repatterning 

  • Activation, impartation and true empowerment

  • Rest, restoration & renewal that you’ll take with you

  • Community, family, fellowship

  • Soaking in the presence of God & true immersion into greater intimacy with God

  • Sensory deprivation - a great reset button

  • Creative expression 

  • Sound, music, breathing, and movement 

  •  Playful time together 

  • Water baptisms in the wild waters for those who have been asking for it

  • Optional bodywork from an amazing local massage therapist (their rates apply)

Retreat Location:

The retreat will take place at a luxurious Sanctuary tucked away in the majestic Appalachian mountains in Alexander, North Carolina, just 20 minutes north from Asheville. The house is a modern, art-filled oasis, with space to spread out and enjoy the view from the back deck overlooking the French Broad River Valley. 

The French Broad is one of the world's oldest rivers flowing through the ancient landscape which was originally stewarded by the native Cherokee peoples. The Appalachian forest is recognized as one of the country's most biodiverse areas due to the combination of temperate rainforest and subtropical climate. It is our favorite place in the world :)

The Sanctuary premises will be our main location during the retreat along with nature play time in the mountains and waterfalls. There are a few beds available at the house itself and plenty of accommodation options to stay close to the Sanctuary for easy commute - see accommodation options below. 

Registration Details
Participation Cost

Retreat Tuition

$1444 - includes the retreat content and dinners.  

You will have an option to pay in full or in smaller installments.

$500 non-refundable deposit will be collected upon registration and will be deducted from the remaining balance.



Option 1: Stay at the Retreat Sanctuary

There are six available beds (the rates are a total for five nights):

  •  Two private rooms with a king size bed: $444/person

  • One shared room with two queen size beds: $344/ person

  • One shared room with a sofa bed and a bunk bed: $280/person



Option 2: Stay outside the Retreat Sanctuary (self-organized)

 We will have a Telegram group chat that you will be added to upon registration and you can start chatting with the other participants to share an Airbnb outside the Retreat Sanctuary. Some locals may have spare bedrooms as well. There are a few great Airbnb's near the retreat house that can accommodate multiple people so sharing one big house may be a cost effective and fun option.  

Airbnb areas that are within 5-20 minute ride from the Sanctuary:

Alexander, Woodfin, North Asheville, Leicester, Weaverville. The exact Retreat Sanctuary address will be shared with you via email after registration. 

Option 3: If you're a local, you're welcome to commute daily from your home. 

Car Rentals & Nearest Airports

Our goal is to have as few cars as possible to keep the costs and carbon footprint low. We have two cars and some locals may be willing to use theirs as well.


Affordable car rental:

 Turo Car Sharing Marketplace


Nearest Airports:

  • Asheville Regional Airport (30 min drive to the Sanctuary)

  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport (2hr 20 min drive)

  • Knoxville McGhee Tyson Airport, Knoxville, Tennessee (2 hr 20 min drive)


Delicious organic dinner is included each night. 

You will be responsible to cover your own breakfast and lunch during the retreat - a kitchen will be available at the Sanctuary. 

Registration Details


Retreat Dates - June 1st -6th, 2024:

  • Arrival on June 1st around 4-5pm and opening 

  • Four full days plus 1/2 day upon arrival

  • Closing the container at the night of June 5th

  •  Departure on the morning of June 6th 

Due to the particular nature of this retreat we want to make sure that it is a good fit for you to participate and that we are on the same page. We desire this to be a fulfilling, supportive and empowering experience for everyone. Please fill in this Retreat Application below -  it should only take about 10 minutes. 


We will get back to you as soon as possible and share further details including a link to place your deposit and secure your spot. 

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancel before May 1st for partial refund - the deposit of $500 is non-refundable

  • Cancel after May 1st no refund - in a rare case of a health related emergency after May 1st we can apply a partial store credit at Eternal Present & Life Regenesis.

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