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About Sanni

Sanni operates in prophetic gifts of seeing and root-level healing offering next-level mentorship for those ready to go all in. She guides you to release repeating distorting patterns from your DNA, mind, and soul to calibrate your physical reality, relationships, work, and health into the most coherent expression, a supernatural lifestyle.  She is known as an agent of restoration, inspirational speaker, and change-maker who leads by example, supports you to walk in greater intimacy with Eternal God within, and blows purpose in your sails. Sanni's heart burns for the true liberation of humankind that reveals Heaven on Earth in the here and now.

Sanni is deeply studied in bio-spiritual metaphysics and healing with 15+ years of experience working with conscious embodiment practices, and energetics. She has experienced a series of awakenings each deepening her into Eternal Truth and pulling her out of the deceptive templates of the "false light" that keeps people in endless need of more healing. 
Sanni is a daughter of Christ not by man-made religious dogma but by a direct and intimate relationship with the Living Truth. Yeshua has brought her to a deep discipleship that nothing can compete continuing to equip her with the Spirit of Truth. Bio-Spiritual Renewal and Frequency Repatterning are an essential part of her mission on this planet that weaves the Eternal Sciences and Spirit together to uncover the most important thing: Actualizing the fullness of Eternal Potential and Purpose in you for the sake of the Whole. 

My Story

I was born and raised in Finland, the land of a thousand lakes, where I grew into a deep connection with the natural elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether. As a child, I was quite shy and sensitive to energies as the veil between the seen and the unseen was very thin for me. I remember dropping through the dark space at nights into different astral states and like many children do in the need of support I developed a relationship with spirit beings in these states. I also remember looking at certain people and being terrified, without understanding why, of how much sadness and suppression they carried in their bodies. As a child, I did not know how to embody this extreme sensitivity to see through the filters of life and I buried these gifts for many years. 

I am forever grateful to my parents for choosing Rudolf Steiner School (aka Waldorf School) for my sister and me to go to. I am still harvesting fruits from this 10- year period of education that supported wild creativity, thinking outside the box, and connection to nature. I am now seeing how this alternative education supported brain plasticity on a frequency level and helped me to understand life beyond linear thinking. 

Dancing helped me to discover the mysteries of my body that eventually led to yoga. For many years, I identified as a dancer performing, teaching and creating choreographies. As an adventurous and active being, there was nothing more challenging than finding stillness within myself. What I discovered in that stillness was a deep longing - longing for something greater. And I began my search.

The search drove me into quite serious perfectionism in anything that I did. I studied, worked, and trained my body to a point of stress and exhaustion again and again due to having a feeling that there is something more that I need to reach. Already at the age of 19, I hit a limit: I experienced serious insomnia because my mind was racing and I was checking off the to-do list again and again. There was one night when I hit the rock bottom and woke up to a voice that roared deep inside of me: “I did not come to live my life this way!” That is when I decided to leave the hamster wheel that I had gotten myself into and start traveling. 

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I graduated in Health Promotion and Social Sciences of Sports from the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. Following my decision, I had already started traveling, participating in all the possible Study Abroad programs that I could find. For some years, I worked as a travel guide for a “green” adventure travel company, Intrepid Travel, and immersed myself both in the beauty and the roughness of the Earth. It was the raw training of seeing the world as it is, not as I wanted it to be, that taught me the true meaning of sovereignty, resilience, and compassion.

It was in my early twenties when the power places started to whisper to me in my dreams and meditations. My abilities started to come back online and I experienced a lot of visions, strong intuitive directives, and conversations with the unseen. I followed the invitations that came from mountains, certain rivers, and old-growth forests. For almost 10 years, I traveled to India, Southeast Asia, Europe, the USA, Central America, South America, and Africa. I dove into Core-Shamanic practices, tracked the mountain ranges (The Alps, Atlas, Appalachia, Andes, Himalayas), and spent a lot of time off-the-grid in nature. I lived with and experienced a handful of indigenous cultures (Embera, Berber, Cherokee, Lakota, Saami, Guatemalan, and Mexican Mayan, Quechua) that helped me to see the most important thing recognized in all these cultures: knowing who You truly Are and living it fully. 

As a total geek, I studied and shared many holistic healing modalities: meditation, Advaita Vedanta, Breathwork, Regression Therapy, Reiki Energy Healing (levels 1- Master), Neuro-Lymphatic & Abdominal Massage, Nutritional Herbalism, Permaculture, and Women’s Rights of Passage. 


My first initiation into true Oneness happened in India after a 10-day Vipassana program when I meditated on Arunachala Hill tracking Sri Maharshi’s footsteps. Suddenly my reality flipped inside out and I was seeing the world as One. It was followed by five days of floating in this eternal awareness while observing the mind to get even more confused: how can there be one while there are also many? I was laughing on the inside. That time, something deep came home to me. I had tasted the greatness of God's Presence and everything that followed was refining and strengthening this deep knowing inside. 


I had life-changing Christed experiences throughout my twenties: experiencing the Genesis in a light body of Adam, living the time right after Jesus’ resurrection and receiving particular codes from that time, prophetic teachings of space-time and light mechanics in my dreams and meditations, three personal death and resurrection experiences that happened during Easter, etc. These experiences were very biblical and more real to me than anything in this world, however, I did not see any church I came across coming even close to the frequency of those experiences and I guarded them close to my heart for a long time. I did not have the full revelation of Christ through these experiences yet. 

I studied Yoga extensively (E-RYT 500 & YACEP) leading Yoga Teacher Trainings with the Kula Collective yoga school, and facilitating Retreats and Continuing Education Courses. Science and spirit began to come closer and closer to one another in my world, describing the same things but from a different points of view.

I also began to lead intentional trips to Scandinavia with Inchanted Journeys strengthening the connection to nature and supporting people to know their roots on a DNA level. Later, I became a co-creator within the organization and began to facilitate Women's Wilderness Immersions in Western North Carolina. 

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I shed layers of false identities in patches along the way. However, there is a period in my life that I call the Dark Night of The Soul - a period of intense surrender and “death” from my old personality. I lived in Mexico at the time and despite the paradise that the place seemed to be, and for many it was, I experienced darkness. I lived almost like a dual life doing my dream work at a five-star resort yet somehow I got in multiple accidents, had encounters with demonic entities, and had an incident with local gangs where I was staring at a gun that was pointing at my face.  

However, the physical pain from the accidents was not the biggest issue for me but the emotional and mental pain that rose up during this time was terrible. During this period my life seemed to crumble into pieces in front of my eyes: strange incidents happened one after another and suddenly all my sources of income were blocked. I felt the deepest feelings of loneliness (that I now call the Great Loneliness) that I had ever felt. I had hit a dead-end where all the structures came falling down. I did not feel motivated to go on. I had nowhere to go other than onto my knees and surrender to God as the Living Light and Source. That was a threshold from my small self that still tried to control my life to the Higher Power. The phoenix rises from the ashes, not from the embers. 

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A couple months after I recovered, I left Mexico and came back to Asheville, North Carolina, where I had studied years back.  Ever since I first visited the Appalachian Mountains in 2013, I had known that it would be my future home. As I arrived this time, I arrived empty. Humbled by the recent identity death I was soft and receptive and I began to restructure my life. I will never forget the loving clash of the universes when I met my beloved husband, Michael. A new chapter began once again. 

Our relationship showed its potential quickly and it was almost unbelievable at the time: sharing life with a sovereign and transparent man that carries full responsibility for his actions. It was like infinity looking into infinity (and still is) clearing out lifetimes of distortions, dying, and being reborn again with a more refined rendition of ourselves. 

In 2018, my husband introduced me to frequency work with Mas Sajady & Karen Cheong. It was this support that truly accelerated the process of coming home to my current abilities. I went through a period of detox and shedding that happened in waves and for the first time, I became fully present in time and space. I celebrate these way-showers that helped me to step into my pure potential and supported my spirit and body in becoming a singular expression. 

My refined gifts came fully alive and began to integrate empowering frequency patterns of pure prosperity, freedom, sovereignty, clarity, etc. My physical body appearance changed and the reality around me began to take the form of a higher resonance. A new space of seeing opened up for me and I began to work with individual clients and groups. The filters dropped and I saw the world as an infinite field of frequencies in different forms. I saw the multidimensional space and the mechanics of how different frequency patterns create the entire world. I discovered the mechanics of bending time and manifesting from the Pure Source. And I saw that everyone has that power within themselves and my role was to support others to step into it. It was not until then that I stepped into my true Dharma. It is all about raising the frequency of the body-soul-Spirit compound and living it in our ordinary lives. The ordinary becomes extraordinary and true fulfillment and happiness become a normal state. 


The work bared much fruit and multiplied in front of my eyes: I was finally doing what I came here to do helping so many people, businesses, and organizations in their lives. In spring 2022, I was shown that there is a huge expansion and upgrade happening in the summer months and I better get ready. What it was, blew my mind. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect a direct encounter with Jesus Christ. This experience brought me into deep humility in front of the Living Light and lifted me up to the Higher Grounds to operate from. My personal self decreased when the presence of Eternal in me increased.


My existing relationship with Pure Source became a very personal and intimate relationship with Eternal Light and God, not defined by any human-made religion or spiritual principle but the simple and honest connection to my True Parent. It significantly increased the accuracy, power, and efficiency of the work as I began to source from Eternal like never before. It is an interesting topic to speak about for I am not sharing from within the religion but I walk 100% with Eternal Christ who represents the frequency, authority, and essence of Absolute Truth, Perfect Love, and Eternal Life to me.


This work continues to be open to anyone no matter what belief system they identify with. Through this work, I have witnessed people becoming free from physical pain, trauma, abuse, and lack. I have witnessed significant changes, new opportunities, and prosperity showing up in a short time in people’s lives. I have seen people de-aging and coming into their full vitality. I have seen people being delivered from demonic entities. I have seen "impossible" miracles taking place. The potential is unlimited and it is exponentially growing! Read clients' transformational experiences here. 

Thank you for reading my story. Now, I would be honored to help you to discover freedom from your burdens and rewrite your future that is an expression of your highest resonance and Service on Earth. :) 

I am looking forward to seeing you in Eternal Presence.

Love, Sanni

Significant Teachers on my path: 

Jesus Christ, Elisjah, Prophet Lovy, Justin Abraham, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Mas Sajady, Karen Cheong, Eckart Tolle, Mooji, Rupert Spira, Sandra Ingerman, Adyashanti, CJ Ananda Page, Nadia Petrova, my Grandmother, Nature. 

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