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Potential Detox & Session Aftercare

This work is deep and powerful. It will create a shift in your life - a subtle or more radical one. Some people experience ecstatic joy, peace, and instant empowerment while others detox more heavily. Most people experience less detox the more frequently they do frequency work and the process of transformation becomes more graceful over time. Please note, that some are quick to shift into their inner power while others take a longer time. Slowness is not a sign of weakness. 


If you do experience detox, after the session you might feel heavy, tired, emotional, anxious, or somehow off. This is because it takes a while for the body and your identity to catch up with the frequency level shifts and determine the “new normal”. Remember, this work connects you deeper to your pure potential, Eternal Source, and best the possible Self: everything that is not in alignment with it will start to shift. If the detox feels overwhelming for you, don't hesitate to reach out to Sanni for extra support. 


The container is safe and based on only the Pure Source or Eternal God's frequencies. After the sessions, old challenges (physical, emotional, mental) might come up in one or another way to be seen and faced. The things that come up have always been there - now they are brought into the light of awareness. This is a great opportunity for you to confirm the release of an old pattern and choose a new way. If an old pattern gets triggered you may take a pause and a deep breath. You may state to yourself: "I notice this and I don't need it anymore.", or ask yourself: "What would my Eternal Spirit do in this situation? How can I respond from the Higher Ground rather than lack?". 


You will only experience what you are ready to experience, however, if you are not willing to change or be radically honest with yourself this work might not be the best for you. 

It is your Spirit that is taking action for you during the session. Sanni is just a space holder and a guide. It will be your decision to step through the door. 


When booking the session, make sure that you have extra time for yourself afterward. It is important to drink a lot of water after the session and keep your feet on the ground. If possible, spend some time in nature or allow yourself to rest. It might be good to repeat the session within few days through the recording that you will receive to support deeper integration.  


I offer free Frequency Meditations on Eternal Present Soundcloud Station that can help you to integrate the session deeper and confirm the release of the old patterns. It is also recommended to listen to your session recording again to absorb all the "medicine"of it. 

Especially this Integration Frequency Meditation - Rain & Roses has been helpful for many! 



Many have benefitted from short daily frequency meditations to hone in the higher frequency reality until it becomes your effortless state. If you feel called to enroll the Cultivating Excellence Community Subscription to receive weekly Frequency Meditations, you can find more info here. You will receive an access to the already existing meditation library with 1-2 new releases each week on different essential topics that support deeper integration and embodiment.

Please note that Sanni, or any co-facilitator, is not a doctor and does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
By booking or purchasing any of our sessions or programs, you have read and understood this disclaimer. 

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