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Cultivating Excellence

Eternal Present Community Subscription
Access a library of 100+ short and powerful Frequency Meditations

Changes are being made to the community subscription and it is not open for registration at the moment. 

This monthly subscription gives you access to weekly Frequency Meditations to cultivate excellence in your life and support the embodiment of the higher frequency reality. Each month, I will release six recorded 15-minute meditations (once/twice a week) with calming background music on different topics. You will have an access to all already released meditations so that you will accumulate a rich, diverse, and supportive library that is easily accessible. There is an option to download the meditations on your device if you prefer it over the online platform. Your subscription will renew automatically until you cancel it.


What is a Frequency Meditation? 

Frequency Meditation combines two important aspects: maturation of the Spirit through meditation and deep frequency level calibration that reaches your physical body and life. These guided meditations provide a calming moment for your day, a nervous system reset, a Spirit-soul-body attunement, a gateway to higher frequency solutions and Eternal resources, profound intimacy with the Living God, and an opportunity for deeply embodied revelations in your life. 

Sanni walks in close fellowship with Living God and carries abilities to help you to shift the limited or distorted reality into a deeply fulfilled, purposeful, and prosperous life. She will ask you to bring your awareness to different parts of your body and soul to generate frequencies that will support you on the path of true empowerment. 

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