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Mother's Line
Recorded Frequency Immersion

Go At Your Own Pace - $99
*payment plan option available*
Restore and calibrate the power of the women in your family lineage.


This recorded program is for those who are ready to step into greater sovereignty and freedom in their own lives. DNA is a fascinating design that carries imprints and patterns from times before you were born. Some of these patterns are carrying a great blessing and gift while others are the root of suffering and stagnancy in your life. This work goes deep into the DNA to shake off the hereditary burdens and absorb the empowered medicine of women that walked before you both from your mother’s and father’s side.


Why do people carry the same hereditary illnesses, traumas, or relational patterns from one generation to another while the body is able to renew its cell every 7-10 years? Regeneration can be a lot quicker when we go to the root of the patterns that stand behind cell production. 


We will look deep into the mechanics of how our bodies, emotions, and thoughts are rendered in physical reality. We will clear out patterns that have been running in the family through the women of your family lineage and set you free from the burdens that are not yours to carry. We will activate the medicine and wisdom of the matrilineage in its purest form to allow access to the ancient wisdom of a pure feminine. This will not only benefit you but every woman and man who walked before you and who is yet to come. 

***This program is for ALL genders***


This program helps you to...
  • Detach from the family issues that are holding you back (illness, quilt, expectation, shame, separation, self-doubt, abuse, etc)

  • Evoke the frequency of a wise woman and the power of the feminine

  • Generate freedom and sovereignty by taking the reins of your life into your own hands

  • Release from the unresolved issues lingering in your family history and cut the patterns to pass it on to your children

  • Become more in tune with yourSelf and to hear your own voice over anyone else’s expectations 

  • Help your family members without losing your own center or bleeding your energy out to meet their needs

  • Generate both liberation and belonging to own your life and where you are coming from


Program includes

Opening Session on the topic (45 min)

2 Live Group Frequency Healing Sessions via Zoom (60 min each)

Stabilization Meditation (17 min)

Q&A and Integration Session (60 min)

Tools to gain clarity and generate genetic freedom both at the root level and practical daily manner


How does it work?

Each session is both a reading and a collaborative body-based meditation journey to calibrate and activate the underlying power within. Sanni provides Somatic Frequency Work (deep energy healing) throughout the sessions and creates a space to reflect on how the patterns show up in your life and how to generate calm confidence to create new pathways.


Somatic frequency work is about going to the root of repeating patterns that magnetize situations, relationships, and power dynamics in your life. Sanni guides you to locate these patterns in the physical body and bioenergetic field, helps to dissolve distorting frequencies and generate empowering ones. We create a space to move away from searching for the solutions from the outside and go to the matter of fact within. When we work as a group we can generate more powerful frequencies and go much deeper. 


Gold.Lotus.Sanni (1).png
Gold.Lotus.Sanni (1).png
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