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Love Illuminated 
Frequency Immersion

Recorded to go at your own pace
Connect with the frequency of pure Christ Consciousness (non-religious) and generate true love, inner fulfillment, and deep intimacy with your Self. 

This program is a beautiful one… It lands on the time when many are sharing time with their families and beloved ones. It is also the time when old family patterns may get triggered and /or many experience loneliness. 


Love and connection have so many definitions in our lives: self-love, romantic love, platonic love, mother’s/father’s love, etc. The definition of love is often distorted by conditions and past experiences connected to a search for fulfillment. Even the act of self-love such as treating yourself with pampering gifts is not creating more fulfillment if it comes from a space of inner lack. In this society, many of us reach OUT to search for fulfillment, as if something was lacking within that needs to be filled or fixed. Here are some examples of how distorted love patterns show up in life:



Negative self-talk 

Loneliness or feeling empty /numb to life 

Feeling unseen, unheard, and misunderstood

Needing to prove own worth 

Fear being labeled as selfish 

Disconnection between intuition and action 


Dissatisfaction (no matter what you're doing it feels that something is missing) 

Not belonging 


Desperate search for love 

Disappointment in relationships

Distorted selfishness

People pleasing

If you access the frequency of pure love it is so potent that it’ll illuminate your life. In this immersion, we will go deep to release these patterns that are hindering and distorting the experience of pure love and rewrite the embodied definition of it in your life. Utilizing this special time of the Holy Days, we will generate the frequency of pure Christ Consciousness (non-religious) and Higher Love between the small self (ego-mind) and the Higher Self (pure individual consciousness). This is a form of deep intimacy with your Self that brings the world alive in a whole new way, enhances the voice of your intuition, and deepens your belonging to your own body. 


As you clear the space and re-create your relationship to Love, you may experience: 

Self-love with no conditions

True love for another and the humanity 

A deeper connection to your family and partner 

A deeper connection between the mind and intuition 

Greater appreciation for your life 

New and fresh opportunities


Enhanced relationships

Sense of unconditional happiness

Inner fulfillment and strength

The simple joy of being alive 

Unwavering stability 

Calm confidence 

Relaxation (when the searching and managing can end)

Program Includes

Two 60-minute Group Frequency Sessions 

Three Extra Frequency Meditations for Deep Rest, Morning Alignment and Deeper Integration

Frequency level tools to actualize the changes in your daily life

One check-in with Sanni via email, text or voice message (WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal)

Note! This immersion was recorded in December 2021 during the live immersion. The work happens beyond the concept of linear time and space, therefore you will receive the frequency benefits when you listen to the recordings at your own time. 

How Does It Work?

You can read more about Somatic Frequency Work here or listen to this podcast on the topic. 

Each session is both a reading and a collaborative body-based meditation to calibrate and activate the underlying power within. Sanni carries abilities to see where distorting patterns (collective, hereditary, or individual) are existing in your body, bioenergetic field, and timeline and helps you to clear it out of your system while generating empowering frequencies. Sanni provides Somatic Frequency Work (sub-quantum energy work) throughout the sessions and creates a space to reflect on how these patterns show up in your life and how to generate calm confidence to create new pathways. We create a space to move away from searching for the solutions from the outside and go to the matter of fact within. Learn more about Sanni’s abilities here.


When we work as a group we can generate more powerful frequencies and go much deeper. Greater refinement, clarity, and expansion are available to us each day and it wants to be embodied in our daily lives! This work doesn’t only benefit you but every single person you interact with as well as the collective awakening of humankind.

Questions? Contact Sanni at

Gold.Lotus.Sanni (1).png
Gold.Lotus.Sanni (1).png
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