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Immaculate Conception
Winter Solstice Session 

Recorded on Winter Solstice
$33 via Zoom
The last weeks of the year provide an atmosphere of completion to leave old patterns behind. Presence yourself with the profound teachings of Eternal Christ and rest in the potent silence of the winter solstice to reset your systems at will. History was made to be left behind composting into rich soil to grow from. It is time to walk forward to the new beginning free and with upgraded resonance.

With the New Year approaching, there are enough people on Earth tapping into this linear time of completion and a new beginning to create a " frequency wave" that we can utilize in our lives. To add to that, nature’s cycles are older than the web of the time-bound human mind and soul. By resting in the timeless yet ancient silence of the winter solstice we harness the long-lost power: how to let go, reset our systems at will, and be born again with greater alignment stepping deeper into our service for Eternal Purpose.

In this Immaculate Conception - Frequency Rebirth we presence ourselves with the profound teachings of Eternal Christ and grow into a deeper understanding of these life-changing revelations. They are frequency level teachings of utter Peace and immaculate Holy Fire that are here to reach hearts beyond man-made dogma. They burn away distorted patterns of fear, greed, separation, lack, deception, and manipulation that have been plaguing human minds and DNA. They are teachings that carry the true frequency of Love and unfailing Presence - the greatest Gift humanity has ever received.


Omnipresent God and the frequency of undistorted Truth rest in Eternal Presence. Only by living in this presence may we walk forward free, fulfilled, and prosperous to serve the awakening of humanity. History was made to be left behind composting into rich soil to grow from - not to be carried along repeating itself in our future. Now, many people want to be free from disempowering patterns running in their lives but struggle to actualize the change in the physical reality. With expanded frequency awareness we learn how to shift the resonance and patterns within at will accessing the higher frequency solutions and grounding them on Earth.

In this session, you are guided to reset and rewrite your inner “codes” or patterns to resonate in greater harmony with the Eternal Purpose and your place in it for the New Year ahead of us.  Reconnect with the pure potential of the Earth and strengthen your intimate connection to Eternal. When you make decisions and take action from this space, the physical manifestation of your life, such as health, relationships, and work will follow. After deep frequency level shifts, people continuously report new opportunities, deeper self-love, trust, connection, stability, abundance, and clarity coming on their way.

Program Includes

One 75-minute Group Frequency Session

The session was recorded during a live call on Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2022

 The work happens beyond the concept of linear time and space, therefore you will receive the frequency benefits when you listen to the recording in your own time. 


After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email from Eternal Present with instructions to create personal login info for Podia unless you already have it from the previous frequency immersions. In Podia, you will access all the course content. If you do not find the email, please check promotions/junk mail and contact if you have any trouble.


How Does It Work?

You can learn more about Somatic Frequency Work here. The session will include an in-depth exploration of the topic, a guided meditation while receiving frequency level guidance and calibration. There may be movement and journaling included. We will always work with what needs the attention the most at the time of the session both individually and as a group. You may remain seated throughout the session or choose to lay down, move or stand. 


Sanni has gifts to see where distorting patterns (collective, hereditary, or individual) are existing in your body, bioenergetic field, and timeline and helps you to clear it out of your system while generating empowering frequencies. Sanni provides Somatic Frequency Work and guidance throughout the sessions and creates a space to reflect on how these patterns show up in your life and how to generate calm confidence to create new pathways. We create a space to move away from searching for the solutions from the outside and go to the matter of fact within. Learn more about Sanni’s journey here.


When we work as a group we can generate more powerful frequencies and go much deeper. Greater refinement, clarity, and expansion are available to us each day and it wants to be embodied in our daily lives! This work doesn’t only benefit you but every single person you interact with as well as the collective awakening of humankind.

Questions? Send a message here.

Gold.Lotus.Sanni (1).png
Gold.Lotus.Sanni (1).png
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