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Somatic Frequency Healing
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Somatic Frequency Healing

Group Programs

What is Frequency Healing? 

Everything that you can see, touch, think or feel is energy. From the physical body to most subtle emotions that you experience and beliefs that you have are all different forms of energy - vibrating in a particular frequency. These frequencies form patterns that manifest in the physical reality magnetizing situations, relationships, opportunities and power dynamics in your life. Like attracts like, and not only attract but also creates more of the like. 


What makes each flower or human face so unique? What causes you to feel other people’s emotions? Why do certain places make you feel comfortable or uncomfortable, beyond understanding? Why are some people lucky or wealthy while others struggle to survive? Why does the same situation repeat in your life again and again? What creates health? All and everything is a combination of frequencies and patterns that create the experience and manifestation we call life. 


Frequency work helps you recognize your own responsibility, freedom and leadership over your life. We are the creators of our own experience no matter what the situation is. Resonating in the frequency of lack or fear magnetizes it into your life. Resonating in the essence of respect or abundance that is what will become your experience. The potential is infinite.The way is open - here and now. 


In the frequency healing, Sanni creates a safe container to focus on clearing individual, hereditary and collective patterns that are holding you back from experiencing fulfillment, happiness and abundance in life. Each monthly program is focused on different topics and your intentions are guiding the process for you. 


Each session is both a reading and a body-based meditation journey to locate these conscious and unconscious patterns in the physical body and bioenergetic field, help to dissolve distorting frequencies and generate empowering ones. Somatic frequency work is about going to the origin of repeating patterns and shifting them at the root level. It creates a space to move away from searching for the solutions from the outside and go to the matter of fact within.


“It is by far the most efficient way to make changes in one’s life that I have ever seen. It doesn’t only show up in your life but emanates all around you supporting others to heal, empower and find purpose in their lives.” 


The more you arrive into the core of your true essence, Eternal Presence, you calibrate and activate the underlying power within. It is about undoing and unlearning patterns that are pulling you out of your center and resting into the limitless potential that lives inside and around you. It is like taking the light of awareness in your hand and expanding that light to touch every detail in your life. Your body becomes a temple for a higher frequency and magnetized coherence, deep safety and calm confidence into your life - just to name a few. Your essence becomes more refined, the endless search may cease as you notice that you have arrived. This is where you take the reins in your own hands and begin a creationship with life. This is where your sovereign life begins.

Upcoming Programs

Upcoming Programs

Weekly Frequency Calibration - 45 min 

Dates yet to be come 

Share your intention - 45 minutes - no group sharing - share about the theme in the beginning and go into the meditation. Drop in $15


This weekly group offering is for those who would like to be introduced to frequency healing, integrate it deeper or keep it consistent to support the actualization and embodiment of the changes that are taking place. 


My husband, Michael, and I will lead the session bi-weekly. You will have an opportunity to send in your intentions each week and we will work on the topics that are up on a surface. The call will begin with a brief introduction to the essential theme of the day and lead right into the frequency healing meditation.There will be no group share in this session. 


If you cannot make it for the live call you can sign up for the session, send in your intentions and receive recording for the session. The recording will be valid for a week. 

Mother's Line - Frequency Healing Program 

- Restore & Calibrate Your Maternal Family Lineage-
May 5-May 19, 2021

This program is for those who are ready to step into greater sovereignty and freedom in their own lives. DNA is a fascinating design that carries imprints and patterns from times before you were born. Some of these patterns are carrying a great blessing and gift while others are a root of suffering and stagnancy in your life. This work goes deep into the DNA to shake off the hereditary burdens and absorb the empowered medicine of your matrilineage - both from your mother’s and father’s side. 


“It runs in the family”, they say - well, it doesn’t have to. My question is, why do people carry the same hereditary illnesses, traumas or relational patterns from one generation to another while the body is able to renew its every cell every 7-10 years? Regeneration can be a lot quicker when we go to the root of the patterns that stand behind the cell production. 


We will look deep into the mechanics of how our bodies, emotions and thoughts are rendered in the physical reality. We will clear out patterns that have been running in the family through the women of your family lineage and set you free from the burdens that are not yours to carry. We will activate the medicine and wisdom of the matrilineage in its purest form to allow the access to the ancient wisdom of a pure feminine. This will not only benefit you but every woman who walked before you and who are yet to come. 


This program helps you to 

  • Detach from the family issues that are holding you back (illness, quilt, expectation, shame, separation, self doubt, abuse etc)

  • Evoke the frequency of a wise woman and the power of the feminine

  • Generate freedom and sovereignty by taking the reins of your life in your own hands



Do you feel that there are unresolved issues lingering in your family history?

Are you reacting to some situations in a certain way and are not sure why? 



  • 1 Pre-recorded Session and Podcast on the topic (45 min) 

  • 2 Live Group Frequency Healing Sessions via Zoom (60 min each)

  • 1 Pre-recorded Integration Meditation

  • One Q&A Recording 

  • Tools to gain clarity and generate genetic freedom both at the root level and practical daily manner

  • Support from Sanni via text/voice message in between sessions as needed


Each session is both a reading and a collaborative body-based meditation journey to calibrate and activate the underlying power within. Sanni provides Somatic Frequency Work (deep energy healing) during the whole sessions, and creates a space to reflect on how the patterns show up in your life and how to generate calm confidence to create new pathways.

Somatic frequency work is about going to the root of repeating patterns that magnetize situations, relationships and power dynamics in your life. Sanni guides you to locate these patterns in the physical body and bioenergetic field, help to dissolve distorting frequencies and generate empowering ones. We create a space to move away from searching for the solutions from the outside and go to the matter of fact within.


When we work as a group we can generate more powerful frequencies and go much deeper. To maintain an intimate and safe container the number of participants is limited.



  • Two live calls on Sundays May 9 (Mother’s Day) and May 16, 2021 at 1-2pm Easters Standard Time (6-7pm London, 8-9pm Finland)

  • Contribution: $111 / 94 EUR (+3.65% tax) 

  • *Payment plan option available*

  • SIGN UP:

NOTE! If you cannot make it to live calls there are recordings available for each session. Sanni will work on you regardless even if you are not present on the live call. Doing the recording is equally as effective.


The power of pure feminine is on the rise and there is so much we can learn about embodying it stronger- men and women. 

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