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Private Frequency Healing
*All the sessions are available via Zoom and in person in Asheville, NC*

New to Somatic Frequency Healing? Read more about it HERE. You may also learn more by listening to the Eternal Present Podcasts on the topic. 

Somatic Frequency work supports you to detach from unhealthy patterns in any aspect of your life and step into your pure potential as a human being. Each session is both a reading and a body-based meditation journey to locate these patterns in the physical body and bioenergetic field, help to dissolve distorting frequencies and generate empowering ones. Your intentions guide the session and we will address all the aspects that need attention at the time. The session guides you to move away from searching for the solutions from the outside and go to the matter of fact within. Sanni creates a safe container to focus on clearing individual, hereditary and collective patterns that are holding you back from experiencing fulfillment, freedom, safety, happiness and abundance in life.  

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Work with your specific intentions or scan what needs attention the most 

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Dive deeper into your specific intentions - also recommended for the first timers

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Join in with your Beloved and work directly with relational intentions

Interested in working with Sanni in weekly basis? Send an inquiry here.

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