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Beyond Polarity
Deep dive into restoring and harmonizing feminine and masculine frequencies

Recorded with Michael & Sanni
Transfigure distorted masculine and feminine forces within into brilliant power that impacts your relationships, emotional health, work, Self-expression, and connection to Earth. 

There is so much talk about the masculine and feminine these days… Many refer to them as polar opposites: light/ dark, hot/cold, mental/emotional, giving/receiving, effort/surrender, seen/unseen, analytical/ creative, knowledge/mystery, etc. 


In this frequency immersion, we will go deeper. From the frequency point of view, masculine and feminine forces are a lot vaster than conventional ideas of them. They do exist in the world of polarity but they also exist within each other working as a life-perpetuating unit. To embody the full potential of a human being we must learn to see beyond the filters of complete Polarity OR complete Oneness void of individuality. Complete Oneness void of individuality means you would cease to exist as a unique human being experiencing existence through your body. The art of this awareness is that you can be both simultaneously and that is where true inner fulfillment and sovereignty live. This is when you become a creator being of your own life. Understanding the mechanics behind these forces can help you to release any false identities, lack, and shortcomings from your life and help you to direct this subtle intelligence not only for your greater benefit but also that of the Earth. 


Any body and gender can experience distorted and abusive forms of both masculine and feminine frequencies that have created a lot of destruction in the world and societies.


Manipulation, power abuse, unhealthy competition, twisted self-centeredness, inauthentic expression, the scarcity mentality, and ignorance are all examples of distorted masculinity. Twisted and abusive feminine show up as victimhood, belittling, desperate need for validation, insecurity, lack of boundary, codependency, misunderstandings, toxic empathy, sacrifice, etc. 


What we are looking for is a deeply rooted union and actualized peace within. 


When these subtle forces are not in harmony, war happens, whether it manifests within one’s mind, relationships, or as a physical conflict or illness. In this work, we will go deep to liberate unnecessary ancestral, individual and collective patterns and help to calibrate these forces within encouraging them to flower in their brilliance in your life. When we fully understand our place in the world and learn to read and direct the unseen currents, we become the sovereign leaders of our living reality. It does not only actualize abundance, fulfillment, inherent love, and vitality in your life but it also guides you to work in greater harmony with Nature and those around you. 

Program Details

Three 60-minute Group Frequency Sessions

Session #1:

Clearing the toxic and distorted feminine and masculine patterns that have been running in your DNA, family lineage, and collective field. 


Session #2:

Recalibrating, activating, and anchoring in the purely beneficial power of these two frequencies. Embody it in your life!


Session #3:

Unifying and integrating the polarities into sovereign singularity within and expanding into new possibilities. 

NOTE! The sessions were recorded during a live immersion in February 2022 when Mars and Venus planets were only one degree from one another in the sky. This is a highly rare occurrence. Because this work happens beyond the concepts of linear time and space, you will receive the frequency benefits when you do the frequency sessions at you own time.

How Does It Work?

You can read more about Somatic Frequency Work here or listen to this podcast on the topic. 

The sessions are both a reading and a collaborative body-based meditation to calibrate and activate the underlying power within. Sanni and Michael carry abilities to see where distorting patterns (collective, hereditary, or individual) are existing in your body, bioenergetic field, and timeline and help you to clear it out of your system while generating empowering frequencies. Sanni and Michael provide Frequency Work (sub-quantum energy work and guidance) throughout the sessions and create a space to reflect on how the patterns show up in your life and how to generate calm confidence to create new pathways. We create a space to move away from searching for the solutions from the outside and go to the matter of fact within. When we work as a group we can generate more powerful frequencies and go much deeper.


Greater refinement, clarity, and expansion are available to us each day and it wants to be embodied in our daily lives! This work doesn’t only benefit you but every single person you interact with as well as the collective awakening of humankind.

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Gold.Lotus.Sanni (1).png
Gold.Lotus.Sanni (1).png
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