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 Eternal Present

Bio-Spiritual Renewal
Frequency Repatterning | Root-Level Healing | Multidimensional Mentorship

"When we come home to God, our True Parent, beyond all human-made doctrines we become the living testimony of Eternal Truth. Everything in our being from the spirit to the smallest atoms wants to resonate with this higher standard of Living.  Every human has the divine authority to generate and release frequencies. The million-dollar question is: What do you actualize and partner up with?

I am here to support you in your walk with the Living Truth. Together we will dive deep into Eternal Sciences, release and rewire limiting and deceptive patterns that you thought you would never break free from, catalyze root-level healing, and actualize your inherent excellence in work, relationships, and prosperity. It is time for us to serve the Eternal Purpose with all of our might."



true presence, calm confidence, fulfillment, excellence, and freedom 


with God's Will, Living Truth, higher purpose, clear direction, and eternal resources


your health, vitality, inner gifts, and naturally regenerating prosperity

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The false light, distorted patterns, and fallen spiritual nature have lured many into endless self-centered seeking and transformation work. This work is not another method that promises a temporary "high vibe" or out-of-body experience. 

Eternal Present provides efficient guidance for direct revelations and embodied transformation walking in close fellowship with Living Light and Eternal God unbound by man-made religious dogma. It creates lasting shifts for you to show up for the building of the New Earth systems. Testimonials speak for themselves!

There has never been a better time to take this step than now. 

You are not alone.

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1. DEMYSTIFY - 90-minute Frequency Webinar & Calibration 
2. Cellular Healing Hour - 60-minute Frequency Renewal
3. Free From Confusion - 90-minute Frequency Webinar & Calibration

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Programs & Sessions

Group Programs & Private Sessions


Live and recorded group immersions for root-level transformation in relationships, success, health, and true fulfillment 
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Receive short and powerful Frequency Meditations to Cultivate Excellence in every aspect of your life
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Profound clearing and activation to align with your highest resonance and deep-dive into your specific intentions


"It was a game-changer in the sense that the very next day after our first session, BIG things started showing up in my reality.I believe in this work fully at this point. Not just on the level of internal transformation but on all levels."

- Amber Moon -

Sanni @ Eternal Present

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